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About Us

"Get Well Soon!"

Oriental Medicine has been practiced for thousands of years. In antiquity, Acupuncturists were trained through apprenticeships. They observed their master as he prepared herbal medicines, performed acupuncture, and applied heat therapies. While rigorous, their apprenticeship was the product of one instructor.


Since the 1950’s, Oriental Medicine has evolved from regional, familial techniques into a globally recognized science. Methods and medicines known only to a few people in remote areas are now practiced worldwide. Scientific method and modern medicine have been part of Acupuncture training for nearly a century. This has improved the medicine and broadened its reach. Today, most every medical school in the United States offers acupuncture in its affiliated hospitals and clinics. Many, including Harvard, Yale, and UCLA offer acupuncture training.


Kingoff Acupuncture combines the traditions of the past with state-of-the-art technology. We use IBM Watson’s Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning to evaluate clinical trials, herb safety data, drug-herb interactions, and adjunct therapies. Our care plans are composed by exhaustively analyzing the work of millions of doctors, researchers, and therapists. Thousands of man-hours refine that information into a plan custom built for you. No other clinic, school, or hospital has anything like it.


Meet The Team

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