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About Us

Oriental Medicine has been practiced for thousands of years. In antiquity, Acupuncturists were trained through apprenticeships. They observed their master as he prepared herbal medicines, performed acupuncture, and applied heat therapies. While rigorous, their apprenticeship was the product of one instructor.


Since the 1950’s, Oriental Medicine has evolved from regional, familial techniques into a globally recognized science. Methods and medicines known only to a few people in remote areas are now practiced worldwide. Scientific method and modern medicine have been part of Acupuncture training for nearly a century. This has improved the medicine and broadened its reach. Today, most every medical school in the United States offers acupuncture in its affiliated hospitals and clinics. Many, including Harvard, Yale, and UCLA offer acupuncture training.


Kingoff Acupuncture combines the traditions of the past with state-of-the-art technology. We use IBM Watson’s Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning to evaluate clinical trials, herb safety data, drug-herb interactions, and adjunct therapies. Our care plans are composed by exhaustively analyzing the work of millions of doctors, researchers, and therapists. Thousands of man-hours refine that information into a plan custom built for you. No other clinic, school, or hospital has anything like it.

"Get Well Soon!"



Stacie Morrison

As a client/patient I highly recommend Andrew. He is so knowledgeable and his experience is evident the first moment you meet him. I also recommend him to friends and clients seeking acupuncture along their health and wellness journey.


Fran DeMonte

At Kingoff Acupuncture you receive professional, caring treatments. I had trouble with migraines, and they are now a thing of the past. Andrew can also help with anxiety and depression, which a lot of people are going through right now with COVID 19. I highly recommend acupuncture over medication.


W Janega

I've been going to Kingoff Acupuncture for several years. I deal with chronic shoulder pain and it always feels better after I go. Andrew is very knowledgeable and will take the time to discuss any problems and work on helping you heal. I highly recommend!


Jackie Kern-Wies

Andrew was extremely knowledgeable and welcoming to my first experience with acupuncture! Very professional and I’m not sure id let anyone one else use needles on me 😂. I would most definitely recommend to a friend or family member.


Karen Givens

I was overdue in both my pregnancies and had to be induced the first time. I was determined to go into labor naturally the second time and was recommended this acupuncturist for pregnancy and helping induce labor. I tried every other natural remedy recommended and nothing worked. Within 24 hours I was in labor after my session. I would consider acupuncture here in the future for other ailments as well.


Megan Van Pelt

Kingoff Acupuncture is great! I was skeptical that acupuncture would relieve my pain, but now strongly recommend it. Andrew is very professional and takes the time to fully understand your ailments. He has a wealth of knowledge and years of experience.


Renee Bonner

I have seen Andrew for a number of different ailments over the past few years and have been pleased every single time. He took the time to explain how acupuncture works and always follows-up to be sure I am doing ok after a procedure. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!


Lily Donat

OMG! I have carpal tunnel and have been dealing with it for years off and on. It was at its worst, hands falling asleep waking me up and numbness. Went to Andrew and he helped me in 3 visits. I’m completely amazed, never had done acupuncture before but I’m a witness for inflammation it worked for me. So grateful 😀



Andrew Kingoff does a great job with acupuncture! It was my very first time with acupuncture and I must say it was a very relaxing and pleasant experience. Andrew took the time to find out what was causing me pain/discomfort and provided some needed remedies. Highly recommend to all.


Helen Tarokic

Dr. Kingoff is extremely knowledgeable, and I had a great experience with him. If you have not had acupuncture before this would be a safe bet to start. He answered all my questions and helped me a lot. Also I love the new office location and setup.


Leslie Samet

My experience at Kingoff Acupuncture has been excellent! Andrew made sure he understood the issue I was trying to address. He is very knowledgeable and adept at providing virtually pain-free acupuncture. I saw improvement right away with my balance. And I am sleeping better as a bonus. A+ service on all counts.


Rachel Bray

Can’t say enough good things about Kingoff Acupuncture! Andrew is knowledgeable, compassionate, and truly loves his work. He talked me through every step of the way (which was important because I HATE needles) and the why behind each point. His space is very comfortable and accommodating. I highly recommend Kingoff Acupuncture; his knowledge and compassionate care will lead to incredible results for your health.

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