Why Choose Kingoff Acupuncture?

If you have read my patient reviews, you’ll see that I really listen. I was the same in Acupuncture school, I listened carefully to my teachers. My practice is based on developing a clear understanding of the whole person, their circumstances, needs, and goals. I don’t make assumptions, I ask questions and welcome yours.

It may surprise you, but many acupuncturists know how they will treat any patient before they are even contacted. They use the same treatment on everyone, regardless of the condition or individual constitution. This treatment may be used just the first time, the first several times, or possibly every time.

Now, it’s one thing to have specific treatment protocols for specific conditions. These templates are commonly used in Chinese medicine, but only after reviewing the patient’s medical history, symptoms, and treatment goals. A diagnosis should always precede a treatment strategy and even the best treatment protocols need modification to meet the individual’s needs, progress, or lack thereof.

Some Acupuncturists will offer to treat any condition. While Oriental Medicine is very versatile and can help most conditions, very few practitioners can truly specialize in everything. Just like in conventional medicine, there are general practitioners and there are people who have a specialty or two, perhaps even three. No one is a master of every medical specialty.

My primary focus is on pain. Whether pain from injury, arthritis, headaches, neuropathy, burns, shingles, or cramps, Acupuncture is a great therapy. Beyond pain, I specialize in what Oriental Medicine calls “Diseases of the Head”. This includes headaches, insomnia, stress, anxiety, irritability, poor concentration, and tinnitus. It also includes nicotine addiction. Over the past two decades, I’ve helped hundreds of smokers become ex-smokers.

I have also performed hundreds of labor inductions. Woman facing late delivery dates and induction with pitocin are often able to deliver on time without chemical induction. This is a common practice in China, East Asian, and parts of Europe. Sadly, many American Acupuncturists will not perform this out of fear of liablity . Acupuncture labor inductions are far safer than pitocin, a lot gentler, and less expensive.

Why Kingoff Acupuncture? My practice is patient centered and results oriented. I’ve spent over 20 years listening to teachers and patients, focused on the conditions for which Acupuncture is best suited. I don’t make assumptions, I make decisions based on the patient’s best interest and only after I have the necessary information. I refer patients to other practitioners, including other Acupuncturists, when appropriate.

Acupuncture was intended to be easy, effective, and life-enhancing. If that is what you are looking for, call my office at (910) 791-3349.